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Hair Shampoo

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Our company has evolved into a beauty conglomerate with a network of beauty salons in Asia and around the world withn Various services of unique herbal skincare formula, including skincare consulting, skin type amalsia and skin problem treatments.

Clara International Beauty is able to product nano-technology products that offer higher level of absorption into the skin and ensure the highest efficacy level.

Hair Shampoo
1 item(s)
(0 reviews) Write a review

Strong surfactant or high alkaline shampoo (common found in shampoo as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), especially film coat forming chemicals commonly used to make hair smooth and easily combed such as silicone which is not easily soluble in water and does not
cleanse off easily, therefore it is deposited on to hair. This silicone deposit, not easily degradable, will obstruct the hair pore, causing dysfunction of hair cell and hair loss when used in long term.

Active Ingredients: Mild surfactant – To prevent irritation and harsh cleansing Panthenol – B Complex – Soothing & humectant Watercress (Nasturtium Officinale) Extract – Hydrating & softening effect Witch Hazel Extract – Astringent & decongestant Aloe Barbadensis – Cell regeneration & soothing

Cause Of Hair Loss / Fall: Poor diet Mineral / protein deficiency Medication Hormone change Stress Pollution Genetic Often wearing hat Too much chemical treatment Often tight pulling eg: ponytail

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